New Materials Ready to Greet Admitted Patients

Three Pipeline Health hospitals are ready to roll out new packets for patients upon admission. A colorful envelope – with a photo depicting diversity and compassion — and all informational materials are standardized and branded.

We’re Here for You                                                                                  

We’re here for you. Estamos aqui para ti.

That’s our new message conveyed to patients upon admission to the hospital. It’s a reflection of Pipeline Health employees’ commitment to the patients we are privileged to serve.

Communicated in English and Spanish, the message also acknowledges the diversity of our patients.

The message is featured on new packets of informational materials rolling out to patients upon admission to Coast Plaza Hospital, Community Hospital of Huntington Park and East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital. Packets are in development for Memorial Hospital of Gardena and White Rock Medical Center.

The materials inside the colorful envelopes – featuring a photo depicting diversity and compassion – are standardized for all hospitals, with localized information such as the names of the chief executive officers and resource numbers. Each hospital’s materials are branded with that hospital’s logo.

“We give a lot of paper to our patients, and we’re not consistent in what we give patients across our hospitals,” explained Jane Brust, Pipeline vice president for marketing and communications. “Some of the materials are outdated, some have been photocopied multiple times, or they don’t correctly display the hospital logos.

“Now we are providing new, standardized packets with material our patients need, all in English and Spanish, attractively designed, which also reflects on the quality of care provided.”

The materials in each packet include: a welcome letter from the CEO; important information for patients and visitors, such as cafeteria hours, parking, resource phone numbers; and information about patient rights, the patient portal, and the opportunity to share feedback in a Press-Ganey survey.

The hospital CEOs and CNOs have been engaged in this patient experience initiative from the beginning.

“They aligned on the materials to include, and it was their idea to incorporate Patient Responsibilities into the document of Patient Rights,” Brust explained. “For example, letting a patient know that he/she is responsible for being truthful in all conversations with the health care team and for providing a complete medical history are key ingredients to optimizing patient care.”

Upon discharge, additional materials given to each patient can be added to the envelope provided at admission.

In a second phase of the project, consideration will be given to additional materials that might be useful to some, if not all, patients, such as advanced directives.

“As a cost-savings measure and as a courtesy to our patients, we want to be intentional about what materials we give our patients and what materials we might make available to them if they ask,” Brust added. “The goal is to enhance the patient experience with updated, attractive materials that are truly useful to our patients.”