Obstetrics/Maternity Care

Our Patients are like Family

Family Birthing

For decades, our staff and physician family at East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital have helped our community’s families grow.

As a small community hospital, we proudly provide personalized maternity care for women before, during and after their labor and delivery. Our services include:

  • Walk-in assessments for expectant mothers experiencing any kind of pregnancy difficulty or concern. For example, patients may be concerned about decreased fetal movement, leaking fluid or labor pains.
  • Referral to an obstetrics physician as needed for prenatal care.
  • In-house obstetrics physicians who can assist patients with a smooth labor and delivery, even if they have not received prenatal care.
  • A family approach for the mother-to-be and her support person. A husband, mother, sister or whoever will be at the bedside to provide emotional support will be invited to stay overnight and receive complimentary meals.
  • Breast-feeding education and support.
Pregnant mother speaks to Doctor

Our family would be honored to care for your family.

Please call us for more information or to arrange a tour.