Veterans Day,

Today we celebrate Veterans Day, honoring those individuals who have served our country and made America the pillar of democracy and the example for the world to follow. Our deepest gratitude for those who dedicated part of their lives in service to our country.

We are humbled and delighted to count among our hard-working employees across the Pipeline Health System, a number of military veterans. They bring a healthy and valuable perspective to our mission in the communities we serve.

Norberto Bowen, BSN, RN, is one of those veterans whom we honor today. Norberto served in the U.S. Army for four years, beginning right after high school, and earned his nursing license. Norberto worked as a medic, gaining valuable experience that fueled his interest in a nursing career.

Today Norberto works as Director of Clinical Education and Disaster Preparedness Coordinator at Coast Plaza Hospital, where he has been employed for four years. He compares his commitment to his country, as evidenced in his military service, to his commitment to quality and safety for our patients. He is dedicated to improving the healthcare system, with a focus on quality and patient safety and on the education and training of other nurses.

He is furthering his commitment to the nursing profession as he is currently studying for his Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Nursing Education.

Veronica Castillo, RN, MSN, is another veteran working in healthcare. For nearly two years she has served as Director of Surgical Services at East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital. Recently, she also assumed responsibility for Employee Health.

In the U.S. Air Force Veronica was trained as a surgical tech and then was trained in sterile processing. She said her military service provided the best training she could have had. She added that her military service taught her about discipline – a practice she considers critical in healthcare – and she takes pride in her healthcare career just as she is proud of her military career.

Veronica and Norberto are but two of the admired veterans whom we are pleased to salute today. To all of our veterans working in our Pipeline Health System, thank you for your service – past and present.