Food FindersCommunity Hospital of Huntington Park (CHHP), Coast Plaza Hospital (CPH), East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital (ELADH) and Memorial Hospital of Gardena (MHG), as members of the Pipeline Health family, are proud to partner with Food Finders, seeking to provide food to those in need while reducing waste.

“Keeping our community healthy goes far beyond providing care to those who are ill,” said Joel Bergenfeld, CEO of Pipeline Health Los Angeles.  “It means fulfilling our mission to do all we can to make sure that our neighbors and community members have enough to eat, basic necessities to survive and access to preventative care.  Working with Food Finders has allowed us to get extra food from our cafeterias to those who need it.”

Many organizations have an overage of food.  It can be difficult, if not impossible to know who will come through the doors each week and what they will order to eat.  Often times, this can leave a hospital cafeteria with a surplus of healthy food at the end of the week.  Rather than throw away good food, unnecessarily filling up a landfill, Food Finders picks up the remaining food and brings it directly to nearby organizations, homes and people who can use it.  It’s a win for all involved. In 2020, our LA area hospitals donated over 680 pounds of food, helping to feed more than 550 individuals while keeping CO2 emissions out of the landfill.

“Food Finders has been a godsend to work with,” said Mandy Nezami, System Director, Food and Nutrition Services at Pipeline Health Los Angeles.  “Through our partnership, we are fulfilling our mission of caring for our community.  No one should have to go hungry.”

During the ever-changing times of COVID, the need for good, wholesome food across Southern California has increased.  In partnering with Food Finders, Pipeline supported their food rescue program that serves more than 400 nonprofit organizations, a network that is constantly growing and expanding to address food insecurity throughout our communities.


Four hospitals. One unified 500-bed network. 

Coast Plaza Hospital, East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital, Community Hospital of Huntington Park and Memorial Hospital of Gardena are part of the Pipeline Health network. With proven experience in clinical medicine, finance, hospital operations and acquisitions, Pipeline Health is an independent healthcare network managing thriving hospitals to deliver high-quality, accessible care for our communities in the Los Angeles area. Visit or email to find out more. 



Food Finders, founded in 1989, provides a solution for food waste reduction and hunger relief, simultaneously. The nonprofit connects with local food vendors, businesses and schools to distribute their donated food overages to pantries, shelters, missions and other agencies that feed impoverished families and individuals. Today it employs 16 staff and engages more than 300 volunteers who help distribute millions of pounds of food each year. In 32 years Food Finders has rescued more than 150 million meals worth of food. For more information, please contact Food Finders at (562) 283-1400 or visit online at